What is a Tupp Up, you ask? Have you ever had the urge to shout expletives while eating your incredibly delicious sack lunch at work? So moved by the contents of your Tupperware (or mason jar) that you feel the need to write a detailed, all-caps description of it in the subject line of an email to your sister? Just us? Well, one afternoon Molly coined the term—short for Tupperware Updates—to define the food-centric emails that put a sparkle in our weekly grind.

During a brief stint living back at our parents house, we channeled the stresses of twenty-something transience into a perpetual cooking project. We started to shift our thinking from “what can I make for dinner” to “what can I make with what I already have?” and began creating unsuspectingly killer meals by combining leftovers. Nearly 10 years later—drawing on a long Jewish tradition of eating well, letting no food go to waste, and extreme bargain shopping—we’d like to think we’ve been successful in dreaming up projects worth sharing on the internet.

If you take sick pleasure in digging through the fridge, freezing and preserving, and getting just the right amount of soup to fit in that awkward-sized jar, then this blog is for you. For us, it’s a place to indulge in the (mostly vegetarian) little food world we live in. Stay awhile—and happy eating!

Molly + Anna


In real life, Anna and Molly are sisters living in Seattle, Washington. Anna is a writer and fair-food advocate. Molly is a photographer and communications director at Washington Farmland Trust. These are mostly just fronts for their dream jobs guest starring on Chopped